When Does the Fortnite Star Wars Event End?

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After a three-week crossover, Star Wars characters and weapons are leaving Fortnite. The Fortnite Star Wars event will end as Chapter 4 Season 2 enters Week 11.

Unlike past Star Wars collaborations with the Battle Royale, the current iteration has been an all-around success. The addition of the Star Wars Battle Pass provided a new incentive for players to utilize Lightsabers and interact with Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and more.

Despite the fun Force abilities and cool rewards, though, the crossover no longer has a place in Fortnite now that Ranked has arrived. The weapons drag down the level of competitiveness in Ranked, especially when the red Lightsaber can kill you before you can even shoot back.

So, how much longer do fans have to enjoy the Fortnite Star Wars event?

When Does the Fortnite Star Wars Event End?

The Fortnite Star Wars event ends tomorrow, May 23. The newest update will rid the iconic franchise from the game and instead bring another to the forefront: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Miles Morales is set to join the Battle Royale in honor of the upcoming Sony release. Not only will the character be available for purchase from the Item Shop, but he is also coming with Mythic Spider-Verse Web Shooters.

Without the Force jump and stamina a Lightsaber provides, the Mythic Spider-Verse Web Shooters will be a much-needed mobility item for long rotations, especially when you cannot get your hands on a Kinetic Blade.

Before the Spider-Verse invades, be sure to complete all the Star Wars quests, including the Begun the Clone Wars Have Quests, the Fall of the Republic Quests, and finally, The First Galactic Empire Quests to unlock all the free and premium rewards from the Star Wars Battle Pass.