Fortnite Ranked Season Zero Rewards

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Fortnite Ranked Season Zero goes live tomorrow with new opportunities for players to earn rewards as they participate in the new mode.

Epic Games is discontinuing Arena and instead bringing Ranked to both Zero Build and Battle Royale. For the first time, players will now have the chance to progress through eight Ranks as they play Fortnite matches.

Update v24.40 is also rumored to contain a new Spider-Verse collaboration in honor of the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. As players head to the Item Shop to purchase the new skins, they can also earn free in-game rewards though Ranked matches.

So, what rewards can players expect as they explore Fortnite Ranked?

Fortnite Ranked Season Zero Rewards

Ranked matches will provide players with unique quests each match that offer cosmetic rewards. Each time a player completes a Ranked Urgent Quest, they will receive a Seasonal reward.

Like most of the quests throughout Chapter 4 Season 2, the Ranked Urgent Quests will most likely be simple challenges players can complete as they naturally play a match, such as dealing damage with certain weapons or traveling to specific POIs.

Ranked players will also receive the Burn Bright Emote. The reward will show off a player’s current Rank in a similar fashion the Victory Crown Emote displays a player’s total crowns.

As players wait for Ranked mode, they can complete the rest of the Fall of the Republic Quests to earn enough Galactic Reputation to unlock Darth Maul. The Star Wars Battle Pass disappears next week, so there is only a limited time to defeat Darth Vader before the collaboration ends and Ranked begins.