Fortnite Battle Royale: Darkness Rises in brand new Season 6 launch

Fortnite Battle Royale/Epic Games
Fortnite Battle Royale/Epic Games /

The time has finally come and players are hitting the Island hard as Season 6 launches. Like previous seasons, Epic Games will reward players with 100 different types of goodies.

Last season, we witnessed changes happening across the Fortnite Battle Royale map that introduced rifts. Rifts allowed players to get to the circle with ease or escape a fight. Unfortunately, it appears as the rifts that formed in Season 5 will no longer be part of the game.

However, Epic Games has beefed things up for Fortnite Battle Royale fans across the board. With Halloween right around the corner, holiday-themed skins are expected to hit the market. In the new campaign, players will be able to unlock Halloween themed skins and other cosmetics.

Of course, premium skins, gliders, emotes, etc. will find their way to the item shop every Thursday and Saturday. The title of the season, “Darkness Rises”, will give players other destinations to explore over the next 10 plus weeks.

As soon as Epic Games brought down the servers for maintenance, they took it upon themselves to release a bit of a teaser via their Twitter.

What’s interesting in the video above is the Skull skin that was released on the item shop last Halloween. Could it be making a comeback for a second time with a fresh batch as well? Most likely since it made an appearance in the trailer.

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Now, with a new season comes to some changes to both the performance of the game and some weapons. For example, according to the v6.00 Patch Notes, making their way to the vault will be the light machine gun, suppressed submachine gun, remote explosives, impulse nades, and the bouncer.

The decision to vault the impulse nades makes sense since they’re not necessarily needed following the release of the shockwave grenades. Also noteworthy is the brand new Shadow Stone.

What exactly is a Shadow Stone, you ask? Once consumed, players will become invisible to enemies while stationary but will not be able to use weapons. It would be overpowered if it were the opposite.

In addition to the invisibility, players will become visible and have a trail behind them while gaining an increase in nearly every physical ability.

New Locations

We all remember the giant Cube making its territory in random spots across the Island. On top of Paradise Palms and the Viking ship between Greasy, Pleasant Park, and Snobby Shores, new locations will be found on the map.

Those locations include a floating island, corrupted areas, corn fields, and a haunted castle just to pull a few from the patch notes. Interesting and refreshing for those who have been wanting new locations added to the map.

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Keep in mind, now that cross-play has made its way to PlayStation, things are going to be a lot crazier from here on out. Different play styles from every console available will now be able to compete on the same battlefield.

You can read the full list of patch notes by clicking the following link.