Should you get the Battle Pass for Chapter 4, Season 2

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Fortnite’s Battle Pass for Chapter 4, Season 2 is unique.

Are you a fan of Fortnite but have never gotten the Battle Pass? Maybe you’ve had the Battle Pass before but are unsure if this one is for you. All very valid questions. Especially more valid since the Battle Pass for Chapter 4, Season 1 featured Doom Guy/Doom Slayer and Geralt of Rivia. Those are huge additions considering the Battle Pass isn’t always known for major crossovers.

Sometimes, yes, but not to that degree. It was a Battle Pass so rich in crossover goodness, that even I purchased it.

That’s not the case for Chapter 4, Season 2’s Battle Pass, however. Nope, this Battle Pass only features one major crossover, Eren Yaeger of Attack on Titan. His outfit isn’t even varied, with a lot of fans hoping for an Armored Titan variant or a season four style.

They got neither. So it clearly isn’t a Battle Pass that would appeal to less hardcore fans of Fortnite. But does that mean you shouldn’t get it?

Should you get Fortnite’s Battle Pass for Chapter 4, Season 2?

The question is should you get this season’s Battle Pass? Well, that’s entirely subjective and not something we can answer for you. We liked some of the original designs enough to purchase it, but they may not be for everyone.

The way Battle Pass outfits work, usually, is that once the Season ends, they’re never offered again. So if you see one you really want, you may be ok forking up the money needed, which is usually less than a single outfit costs in the Fortnite Store.

So while we won’t say this season’s Battle Pass is good enough to purchase based on the designs alone, we will say if you’re interested in the past, ask yourself one question; do you play the game enough to justify getting it?

If you don’t have the time to unlock everything, or you don’t play the game nearly long enough to get the most rewards possible, then it’s just going to be wasted money. Especially cus the best designs are further down the list.

So if you’re only a casual fan, don’t spend the money. If you play the game an hour or two a day, however, you will more than likely unlock more outfits, making it very worth your time.

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