Which Fortnite weapon is better, the Kinetic Blade or Shockwave Hammer

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Fortnite vaulted the Shockwave Hammer for the Kinetic Blade but which is better?

Fortnite made the controversial call to remove the Shockwave Hammer from the weapon pool as Chapter 4, Season 1 turned into Chapter 4, Season 2. The move was met with some reservation from fans, but Fortnite added the Kinetic Blade to the game as part of the season two meta, adding a similar but different item. Both weapons serve the same function, but differently.

The Shockwave Hammer allowed players to traverse the map with three bounces per hammer and allowed you to stack the hammer in all five of your loadout slots. The hammer was more than a traversal, able to get you away from attackers, it also served as a very useful weapon. Designed to be used as a smashing item after a bounce. Meaning you could hit an enemy, send them away, and then bounce right to them and hit them again.

The Kinetic Blade is different in execution but not intent. The weapon also allows players to attack and traverse. Instead of “bouncing” however, you dash with the Kinetic Blade. The Blade, like the Hammer, allows you three dashes (as opposed to bounces), before needing time to reload. The weapon also has a combo system like the hammer, but its’ combo system is built in. Unlike the smash-bounce-smash aspect of the hammer, the blade allows you to do a combo just by hitting the action button several times.

Kinetic Blade vs. Shockwave Hammer: which one is better

Stats are pretty split between the two, with the Kinetic Blade being faster to use (1.0:1.07), but the Shockwave Hammer doing more damage (75:70). Each has three traversal changes to it before it needs to be recharged. The Shockwave Hammer has a 20-second cool-down time, while the Kinetic Blade has a 10-second cool-down time.

The Hammer had a unique ability, allowing players to send enemies away with each smash of the hammer automatically. The distance the enemy fell wouldn’t hurt the opposing player, but it would give you space to bounce out of the action if you were getting overwhelmed.

The Blade allows you to do something similar but in two parts. You can knock an enemy back, or even off a structure if you hit a combo on them. Unlike the hammer, fall damage will be inflicted on the enemy. The blade also has its own “unique ability”. While the hammer could launch players, the blade stun locks enemies, keeping them frozen in place for a short time, though they can still attack even if frozen.

The Winner: Shockwave Hammer

It’s all about personal preference, but the blade’s inability to be stacked, as well as the hammer’s ability to launch attacking players away from you, just gives the Hammer a distinct advantage. The Blade, however, is not bad at all. It’s a fair replacement, but it needs to be quicker to be as effective as the hammer.

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