The floating POI in Fortnite is an old landmark fans will recognize

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Fortnite brought back a classic Point of Interest for its newest season.

One of the best elements of Fortnite’s third chapter was the floating cities that were added to the game. In an attempt to avoid the Chrome, the insurance agency on the island started floating large portions of small cities to keep them from becoming infected. The folks at Fortnite took that idea to the next level in Chapter 4.

If you’ve played Fortnite’s newest season, you may realize that near the end of each match, a giant floating island appears in the sky. You can use the ropes there to zip up and explore, and if you’re paying attention you may recognize that the island is actually the same one from Loot Lake.

Not only is it the same island, but it comes with a whole host of areas to explore that the original had. Including a cave system under the house. While you may not realize how awesome this is, we highly suggest you check it out.

The Loot Lake Floating Island has some goodies

The floating Loot Lakehouse has some dope items and weapons you will want to get. If you claim the POI’s flag, you’ll get access to the Overclocked Pulse Rifle, one of, if not the best rifle in the game.

It’s incredibly accurate and does massive damage. It’s worth venturing into the sky on its own, but that’s not all, as it’s one of the few locations in the game that comes with the new suped-up Slurp Juice, which can basically heal you all the way to full health. You can get two of them on the island, as well as in the vaults.

As with the other Slurp Juices, you can only stack two per item slot.

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