Is the new Neo Tokyo POI worth visiting for Fortnite fans?

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Neo Tokyo is a new point of interest in Fortnite

Fortnite has changed the season, moving from Chapter 4, Season 1 to Chapter 4, Season 2. The entire meta of the game has been upended, and it’s not just in the obvious ways. With Fortnite, we know that each new season brings in a variety of new weapons, items, and vehicles. Sure, we lose some of those items, with a variety of stuff getting vaulted, but we also get a host of brand-new stuff that’s fun to use.

Not only that but often times we get more than just weapons and such. Sometimes, we get major changes to the map. Fortnite’s second season of chapter four is no different, introducing Neo Tokyo to the southeastern part of the map. Not only did it take out a huge portion of the farming biome, but it also added more land mass onto the island.

Neo Tokyo is a huge cityscape added to the map with a variety of tall skyscrapers, hologram-projected figures, and a rain dynamic that makes everything a bit more slippery than you’d normally prefer. But is it a location that you should take the time to check out?

Noe Tokyo is interesting at first but leaves much to be desired

If you were hoping that Neo Tokyo would be more akin to cities like Tilted Towers, you’re going to be out of luck. While the city does give you a lot of height to play with, the streets are very tight and the buildings don’t have much in them worth seeing. The entire new Japan Biome is very awesome, but you’re going to get more bang for your buck keeping out of the downtown sector of the new map add-on.

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