Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 sees a new trailer drop hours ahead of downtime

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Fornite Chapter 4, Season 2 is nearly here and with a new trailer.

The newest trailer for Chapter 4, Season 2 is here, as the seasonal change is just hours away. The new season will see many established remnants of the first season end as the second season takes its place. Items like the Shockwave Hammer are expected to be vaulted permanently, despite already being out of the game.

Several shotguns, rifles, and machine guns will also surely be vaulted and replaced with new weapons. New health items and vehicles are also expected to be introduced as well but among the newest items to be introduced, maybe none are more exciting than the new samurai sword/katana that is expected to debut with season two.

The sword is not surprising, as the second season of Fortnite is going to be heavily influenced by modern Japanese cultures, and futuristic depictions of Tokyo. So everything new added to the game seems to be centered around that aesthetic.

The new Fortnite trailer highlights Chapter 4, Season 2’s Fortnite: Mega

The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay yet, but it does feature many of the new elements of Fortnite’s “Mega” season. The Japanese techno-pop tune sets the stage for a highlight show of the new Neo Tokyo that’s expected to debut, as well as the new Battle Pass costumes, which seemingly highlights a drive to match the post-modern Japanese aesthetic.

We also get a glimpse of the new motorcycle coming to the game that seems to draw inspiration from the cycle from Tron. Also highlighted is the new slide mechanic you can do on specific new rails that will exist in the game.

It’s unclear where the new city will pop up on the map, or how big it’ll be but if we were a betting site, we’d probably think it’ll pop up in the northwest part of the map, just due to the fact that’s where the unbreakable bamboo first showed up.

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