A red rift has appeared in the sky during the last few days of Fortnite’s current season

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Fortnite is preparing for the change of seasons thanks to a giant red rift hole.

No, a giant red rift hole isn’t a playground insult, although it easily could be. The giant hole in the sky is going to be a major problem for all those involved in Chapter 4, Season 2, as it’s the culmination of the storyline in the current season.

Rift Warden Stellan has lived up to his moniker, as he built a new device that has seemingly opened up said rift in the sky. Stellan, who has seemingly done so against his better judgment is doing so under orders from someone he claims to be shapeless. This could be Geno, the series’ main villain, who appeared in Chapter 3 as a shadowy figure.

Or it could be The Nothing, a villain from Chapter 3 who sent The Herald to the Fortnite Island to cover it in chrome and eventually capture the Zero Point. In doing so, the Herald blew up the island. To rebuild the island, The Paradigm had to use portions of the island from across the timeline.

It appears that the rift that Stellan opened may not only bring in a new villain into the game, possibly replacing The Ageless Champion, Geno’s younger self, but may alter the map dramatically as well.

Could the Fortnite island be turned inside out for Chapter 4, Season 2?

We know that the focus for Chapter 4, Season 2 is less focused on the European medieval setup and more on a futuristic Tokyo setup. The Battle Pass even reflects this with several characters seemingly fitting right in with the new focus.

But, could this be more than that? Could the entire island get a makeover?

That would be something and would make a ton of sense. The island is covered in brick roads and castles, so if the rift is open in the sky, wouldn’t it make sense to replace all of that stuff with a more modern, if not futuristic, set of roads and buildings?

Not to mention there was that loading screen of The Ageless Champion’s Citadel looking futuristic and modern. Could this be how we get that design?

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