The Shockwave Hammer should remain in the game permanently

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Fortnite has made the decision to apparently remove the Shockwave Hammer going forward.

Fortnite has shuttered the Shockwave Hammer recently due to an issue within the game that popped up while using it. What that issue actually is will be a subject of great debate for a while. The hammer, as well as the Chug Juice, got vaulted as previously mentioned, and won’t be back for the rest of Chapter 4’s first season, but they aren’t expected back in season two either.

As for the Shockwave Hammer, it may never come back. This is a dang shame as the hammer really did provide a lot of nuance to the game. Not only did it allow you to get distance from enemies who were damaging you, but you were also able to escape yourself thanks to the weapons’ bounce feature.

The fact you could stack them, making traversal a breeze, was even better. The weapon was the perfect accessory for fans, and now it looks like we’ll never get a chance to play with it again.

Fortnite should keep the Shockwave Hammer in the game going forward

Fortnite usually tries to keep its weapon’s locker flushed with every type of weapon, even if the specific type gets rotated out. There are always pistols, rifles, and shotguns. But there aren’t always melee weapons, nor are there always items like the hammer that provide ease of traversal. Something that’s needed in Zero Build mode.

Unlike conventional Fortnite, you can’t just build your way out of someone’s attack. You have to actually run. Which becomes a lot harder when you have very little coverage to help you out. The Shockwave Hammer fixed that pretty easily.

Now, if you get caught up in an ambush, you’re basically done unless you have a Guardian Shield and access to a vehicle, or the Rift Ejector perk.

Keeping the hammer around would make things so much easier.

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