Is the Kinetic Blade a must have item in Fortnite this season?

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The Kinetic Blade is in Fortnite.

Fortnite made waves with the Shockwave Hammer in Chapter 4, Season 1. It was a destructive melee weapon that allowed players the option of smashing players into oblivion or using it as a traversal item. It gave players three “bounces” before needing 60 seconds total to recharge the item completely (20 seconds per bounce).

Originally it had four bounces and needed 15 seconds per bounce (60 seconds total still), but Fortnite ruined the weapon for no good reason. The weapon was vaulted for Chapter 4, Season 2, with the idea that a new weapon would take its place. This new weapon is the Kinetic Blade, and it serves several of the same functions as the Shockwave Hammer.

The Hammer would send players flying with a shockwave pulse, making sure that regardless of how far they fell, players wouldn’t incur additional damage. That isn’t the case for the new Kinetic Blade. If you hit a player with a combo, you’ll send them flying back. If you’re high enough, that fall will eliminate them.

Not only that, but it comes with a stun lock dash, that you can use to not only freeze your opponents momentarily but use as a dash option, similar to the hammer’s bounce.

Is the Kinetic Blade a must-have for a loadout?

The Shockwave Hammer was a must-have for any player in Season 1, but should we view the Kinetic Blade the same way? Well, as far as a flat-out weapon goes, no. It’s slow, too slow to be effective. You’re going to take way too much damage if you try to do the stun dash. Not only that but the combo doesn’t do enough damage to make players not stand around and unload in you.

That said, if you use it more as a traversal item, then yes. The Kinetic Blade can help you get away from dicey situations. Especially if you angle yourself upwards. You’ll cover more ground going up and coming down.

It still has its uses as a weapon, just don’t rely on it first. It should be a weapon you use to sneak attack others with, not throw down when people start shooting you.

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