What is our most underrated Battle Pass from Fortnite over the years

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Fortnite’s most underrated season of the Battle Pass may surprise you.

We’ve been going down the rabbit hole a bit looking through the Battle Passes this month, thanks to a wonderful prompt from FN News on Twitter. We’ve already looked at our Favorite Battle Pass and our selection for the Most Overrated, but today we’re going in a different direction. The most underrated.

We’ve long said that a good Battle Pass is defined by the big names of the season. For instance, Chapter 4, Season 1’s grouping gave us the Doom Slayer (aka Doom Guy), Geralt from The Witcher, Fortnite’s grand villain himself, The Ageless Champion and a pretty solid lineup of other character outfits.

Getting two major Triple-A video game characters in one pass is great, especially two that fit the game and current season so well. So when looking at the other passes, it’s important to keep that stuff factored in, which is why our pick for the most underrated season may surprise you.

Chapter 2, Season 2 is our pick for the most underrated Battle Pass season

It’s not often you get a selection of cosmetics that are all original to Fortnite and three of them are absolutely legendary to not only the design of the characters but the game itself. We’re talking Peely, Meowscles, and Midas. Two of these characters remain major players in the storyline still to this day, when many other original characters are either background fodder or have disappeared entirely.

While Midas is nowhere to be seen these days, the rumors and hype around a potential return continue on and many expect he’ll return at some point during this Chapter to fight the Ageless Champion and his cronies. Though that’s speculation.

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