What is our favorite Battle Pass from Fortnite over the years

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Fortnite has had some pretty interesting Battle Passes over the years.

Fortnite has made a killing off of the Battle Pass. Since its inception in the second season of the game, it’s been one of the key outlets for the game to make money. It would take a while before major names came into the Battle Pass, starting with Chapter 2, Season 4 (I think). Since then, the Battle Pass always delivers some major name with it.

That’s why today we’re looking at our favorite Battle Pass from over the years.

Shoutout to Fortnite News for this idea. Over the next few days, we’re going to talk about our favorite, least favorite, most underrated, and most overrated Battle Passes, and we hope you share yours with us in the comment section below, or on our social media pages.

Why is the Battle Pass from Chapter 4, Season 1 our favorite?

The sub-headline spoils it all, doesn’t it? We’re going with the most current of the Battle Pass selections, and we have only one reason why; Doom. Doom Guy, or Doom Slayer depending on your age, is one of the most iconic characters of all time in any gaming medium, and to see him added to the game for Chapter 4, Season 1 was huge.

While he alone makes us want to pick this season, we have to acknowledge that when you also bring in Geralt from the Witcher, the main villain of the game (Geno/Ageless Champion), and a whole host of unique outfits, it’s hard to not pick this one.

Sadly, while each Battle Pass offers up unique characters, it’s the tie-in characters that really determine whether or not a Battle Pass offering is worth the purchase. It’s not fair to some of the older passes but that’s just how it is.

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