What is our most overrated Battle Pass from Fortnite over the years

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What is the most overrated Battle Pass from Fortnite?

Fortnite has had a lot of great Battle Pass ideas over the years, and some not so great. FN News on Twitter posted a tweet asking fans what they thought were their favorite, most hated, underrated, and overrated of the passes, and we’re getting on the fun.

We’ve already talked about which season we thought had the best outfits, and now we’re going with the most overrated. For that selection, we feel we have to go with the all-Marvel season in Chapter 2, Season 4.

Prior to the fourth season of chapter 2, all of the Battle Pass outfits were originals. Starting with Season 6 of Chapter 1, you really got some great-looking original outfits too, but then the Marvel season came and changed up everything.

Why is the Battle Pass from Chapter 2, Season 4 the most overrated?

So there are some layers as to why the Marvel season is the most overrated. The first reason is the simplest; not everyone likes Marvel. It may be a massive franchise but it’s always had its detractors, and there are fans who prefer other comic properties instead. Not only that but these are all based on the comic versions of the characters, while the film versions are far more popular. So that probably didn’t sit too well with fans expecting to see Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man.

The season included Mystique, Storm, Groot, Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Thor, and She-Hulk. This was before the terrible She-Hulk shows to boot. Of all those characters, only a few were wanted by the fandom, and even the ones players wanted (Wolverine, Thor), were ugly designs.

The final reason why this pass failed is simply due to the lack of variety that it offers. They’re all Marvel characters. If you look at the passes from the last few seasons, you see that many include a popular pop culture character or two, an original anime variant, and some other unique original creations. There’s a variety there that appeals to fans. With the Marvel season, there wasn’t that.

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