Ranking Fortnite’s Battle Pass outfits for Chapter 4, Season 2

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Which Battle Pass outfits are the best for Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 2

It’s going to be hard to top the Battle Pass from Chapter 4, Season 1. Fortnite’s new Chapter 4, Season 2 will do its best, and it’s certainly more on brand for the aesthetic of the season, but it’s hard to rival a Battle Pass that featured Doom Guy/Doom Slayer and Geralt of Rivia. Plus, it had The Ageless Champion, the young Geno snapshot.

That doesn’t mean the pass for the second season of chapter four is bad by any means. In fact, as far as original designs go, they’re some of the nicer and more unique ones. That said, it lacks the same level of impact, as it only carries Eren Yaeger from Attack on Titan as a crossover outfit.

Still, this is a great-looking pack, but which ones are the best of the bunch?

Ranking the base Battle Pass outfits from Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 2

8. Imani

The shell-shaded outfits might be someone’s favorites, but they aren’t mine. Fortnite always comes across as larger than life, and seeing outfits that you could see in real life just isn’t that impressive. No matter the art style.

7. Mystica

Mystica is cool-ish but she pales in comparison to the rest of the pass. A very simple-looking design.

6. Thunder

Thunder is based a bit on Godzilla, at least so the rumor goes, and that’s cool. His 1980s Thriller album-inspired jacket is striking but the kimono dragon has tougher competition.

5. Renzo the Destroyer

He’s a fancily dressed guy with a robotic skull. He looks like someone straight out of a Metal Gear Solid X Yakuza video game series.

4. Eren Jaeger

Some will really like Eren Jager from Attack on Titan, but there were better options from the franchise.

3. Highwire

Highwire isn’t that impressive until you see her Pack Leader variant, and then it’s game on.

2. Mizuki

She’s a character who looks like they came straight from Kill Bill, thrown through a Ghost in the Shell filter. She’s earned her Tier 100 selection.

1. Stray

You gotta admit, Stray has the best look for the current season. He’s sleek, cool, fits the new weapon meta, and fits right in with the Neo Tokyo vibe.

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