Fortnite Patch Notes: Siphon Removed from Tournaments

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In the latest Fortnite Patch Notes, Epic Games removed Siphon from all competitive tournaments. The bizarre decision comes a week after the launch of Fortnite Ranked, and the community is not happy.

Fortnite has always awarded players Siphon in competitive play after killing an enemy. Players received 50 shield or health per elimination, along with extra materials. The process made for a more exciting end game, giving players both an extra incentive to hunt kills and a greater chance at staying alive.

In the past, Arena was the closest mode to FNCS, and therefore awarded Siphon to players. However, with the arrival of Ranked, Epic Games shockingly discontinued Arena, Siphon, and Trios.

Now, Epic Games has made the permanent decision to remove Siphon from Fortnite.

Fortnite Patch Notes: Siphon Removed from Tournaments

The recent Fortnite Patch Notes stated that all gameplay features in tournaments will mirror those present in Ranked. For the first time, there will be no Siphon in competitive Fortnite.

Other changes coming to the game are as follows:

  • Material caps at 500
  • Harvesting rates slightly decreased
  • Players drop 50 of each material when eliminated

Although players can still collect materials from opponents they eliminate, the lack of Siphon is a huge blow to Fortnite competitive. Epic Games took the one feature that works and removed it from the game for no apparent reason.

They did say, though, that they will “continue to monitor tournaments and make changes to loot and other gameplay features as needed.” Hopefully, the resulting public outcry will make Epic Games rethink their decision.