Is There Siphon in Fortnite Ranked?

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Fortnite Ranked is now live, and fans want to know if there is Siphon in the new game mode.

In an unexpected update, Epic Games dropped their first Ranked playlist in Fortnite. Players can begin working toward the highest Rank, Unreal, as they play in competitive lobbies in both Zero Build and Battle Royale. Along the way, they can earn free rewards by completing Ranked Urgent Quests.

Although Ranked brings an exciting new challenge for players, it also drove Epic Games to remove Arena from the game. Both modes are part of competitive Fortnite, yet they share different features.

So, will players be granted Siphon after getting a kill in Fortnite Ranked?

Is There Siphon in Fortnite Ranked?

There is no Siphon in Fortnite Ranked. Unlike the Arena ruleset, players will not receive health or shield for killing an opponent. There will also be no extra materials dropped after an elimination.

Not including Siphon in Ranked is a controversial decision, especially with the discontinuation of Arena. Fortnite Ranked is supposed to be the new competitive playlist, yet it does not follow the FNCS ruleset.

As lobbies become more and more difficult, the lack of Siphon will put all players at a disadvantage. Instead of receiving an extra 50 health or shield, along with mats, players will now be left with nothing after finishing a kill.

There is a new Augment, though, that gives players the ability to earn Siphon. Players who enable Rarity Check will gain Siphon after eliminations with common or uncommon weapons. Siphon is obviously a huge advantage, but carrying grey guns in Ranked is not worth the extra health.