Can You Play Trios in Fortnite Ranked?

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After a one-day delay, Fortnite Ranked went live today with update v24.40, and fans want to know if they can play Trios in the new mode.

Fortnite Ranked allows players to progress through eight Ranks, starting in Bronze and ending in Unreal, as they play Ranked matches in Battle Royale and Zero Build. Players will get their starting Rank once they play their first game; the Rank will be based on their performance in the placement match as well as their previous performances in Chapter 4 Season 2.

As players explore Ranked, they will have the opportunity to earn exclusive in-game cosmetics. At the beginning of each Ranked match, a random Ranked Urgent Quest will be given to each player to complete in that specific game. The more Ranked Urgent Quests completed, the more rewards that will be unlocked.

So, what modes are available to play in Fortnite Ranked?

Can You Play Trios in Fortnite Ranked?

Trios are not available to play in Fortnite Ranked, Battle Royale or Zero Build. In fact, Trios have been vaulted across all modes in Fortnite, along with Arena.

Only Duos can play Ranked Zero Build, whereas Ranked Battle Royale is open to Solos, Duos, and Squads. Lobby matchmaking will be based on the highest Rank in each party. So, if you are Silver III and your teammate is Platinum I, then you will be playing in Platinum lobbies.

At this point, it is uncertain when Trios will return to Fortnite. The mode was always popular to watch competitively, but recently, Duos have taken over FNCS.