FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals: How to Watch, Schedule, Rewards

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FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals is quickly approaching, and we have all the details surrounding the intense competition.

50 qualified duos will head into twelve custom matches to battle for their place in the FNCS Global Championship 2023. Cody “Clix” Conrad, one of the most popular professional Fortnite players, will not be participating in the tournament after Epic Games banned him for teaming in a Solo Cash Cup.

The rest of the competing duos will have to survive without ODM Gear, one of the main mobility items currently in the Battle Royale. To compensate for the banned item, Epic Games has promised to increase the number of Kinetic Blades in each lobby.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know heading into FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals.

FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals: How to Watch

There are many options for fans to catch all the action this weekend, including in-game island, Legend’s Landing (Island Code: 3303-7480-5925). For a more practical viewing experience, fans can head to the official FNCS livestream to catch professional commentary, coverage, and analysis during and after matches.

If there is a specific POV fans want to exclusively watch, they can also tune into that player’s personal Twitch or YouTube stream during Grand Finals. Not all qualified professionals will stream such a large tournament, though, so be ready to tune into a Watch Party Stream or the official broadcast instead.

FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals: Schedule

The FNCS broadcast kicks off on May 12 at 8 p.m ET. Day two begins at the same time on May 13. The broadcast will conclude each day once all the matches have been completed.

There will be six matches each day for a total of 12 matches. All 50 duos will queue in custom lobbies to battle for points across the two days. The three NA duos and the five EU duos with the highest cumulative points will advance to the FNCS Global Championship 2023. Then, one duo each from Brazil, Oceania, Middle East, and Asia regions will advance as well.

FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals: Rewards

Fans who tune into the matches can earn a free FNCS Defender Back Bling, but only if they watch from Legends Island. Those who watch specific streamer POVs on Twitch or YouTube will not be eligible to claim the reward.