ODM Gear Banned in FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals

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As FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals approaches, Epic Games has banned ODM Gear from competitive playlists.

With the conclusion of Surge Week, FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals is just around the corner for the fifty qualified duos. Unfortunately, they will have to compete without a major mobility item in Fortnite.

ODM Gear came in Chapter 4 Season 2 as part of the Battle Royale’s collaboration with popular anime series, Attack on Titan. Eren Yeager, Levi Ackerman, and Mikasa Ackerman joined the game, along with ODM Gear and Thunder Spears. Although the Thunder Spears never caught on, ODM Gear quickly became a staple in the meta.

Similar to Spider-Man’s Web Shooters, ODM Gear allows players to quickly swing across the map. ODM Gear has been a steady force in competitive Fortnite since its introduction, but now, professional players will have to play without it on the grandest stage.

Here’s a breakdown on why Epic Games banned Attack on Titan-inspired item from FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals.

ODM Gear Banned in FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals

Recently, a glitch has negatively impacted ODM Gear in Fortnite. Some players found they could not switch from swinging to build mode. Epic Games was made aware of the issue, but instead of finding a quick fix, they removed ODM gear from Arena and tournaments to temporarily solve the problem.

In a meta with very little options for mobility, not having ODM Gear in FNCS is a huge blow to competitive Fortnite. Now, the only item players can use to rotate across the map is a Kinetic Blade.

Thankfully, Epic Games has increased the amount of Kinetic Blades in Fortnite to compensate for the loss of ODM Gear. The extra blades should be enough to help players move along with the shrinking circles, but the news is a blow to the play style of many teams in FNCS.

FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals kicks off on May 12.