What is our most hated Battle Pass from Fortnite over the years

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We reveal our most hated Battle Pass in Fortnite history.

Throughout the last month or so we’ve been looking at some of our most and least favorite Battle Pass from over the years. Thanks to FN News providing the prompt, we’ve gone through three of them so far already. What were they? Well, let’s review.

Our Favorite was actually the current Battle Pass for Chapter 4, Season 1. It gave us Doom Guy (Doom Slayer), The Ageless Champion, and in a few days, Geralt from the Witcher.

Our most underrated was Chapter 2, Season 2’s. It featured Midas, Meowscles, and a Peely variants. As those are three of the most iconic original characters in Fortnite history, you can see why it made the cut.

Our most overrated was the Marvel season in Chapter 2, Season 4, simply due to the fact that Marvel has become so over-involved in the franchise ever since. It’s like we can’t get away from them.

Chapter 1, Season 5 is our most hated Fortnite Battle Pass

There were a few options here. Chapter 3 season 3 and season 4’s were bad. So was the first-ever Battle Pass. Yet both the Chapter 3, season 3 and 4 Battle Pass offerings gave us Indiana Jones and Spider-Gwen. The first-ever Battle Pass was just that, so we’re giving it a pass. As well as some of the first few offerings.

Season 3’s gave us the John Wick wannabe, The Reaper and that was kinda funny. Yet, you’d think by Season 5 they would have figured things out. I mean, Season 6 was pretty cool even though they didn’t have any crossover characters. You had DJ Yonder, Calamity, and Giddy Up, and that was just one season after five.

So why did Chapter 1, Season 5 suck so hard? Every character looked like an off-brand version of someone else. And it was obvious. These felt cheap, unoriginal, and uninspired. If they were free cosmetics, you’d take them, but they weren’t. You had to pay actual money for the off-brand outfits. That’s terrible.

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