Have you tried the Prop Hunt game mode in Fortnite yet?

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Fortnite’s Prop Hunt takes hide and go seek to the next level.

Fans of Fortnite are always trying out new things, that’s kinda the point of the game. It’s not just about its Battle Royale setup, it’s a game that has a near-infinite number of games in it to play. Maybe not near-infinite, but a lot. It has a lot of side games to play.

We’ve talked about the Croft Manner, Imposters, and Ultimate Murder Mystery over the last few months, but today we’re talking about a different game mode that was recently posted as a video on Fortnite’s Twitter account. In that video two brothers, Regirom and Electric Cloud talk about their game mode, Prop Hunt.

The game’s full title is Dorp Hunt: Modern Mall, probably a take off the Modern Warfare series of games by the Call of Duty series, and it puts a team of hunters and a team of hiders in the mall.

The task is simple, find the players that are hiding as props and take them out.

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall is one of the best hide-and-go-seek games Fortnite has.

The goal of Prop Hunt: Modern Mall is simple but not easy. The team of hiders will shape shift into various items on the map and hide as the hunters search for them. Normally a hard enough challenge but one made even harder by the fact that they chose the setting of an American mall, making the environment far more advantageous for the hiders.

The game obvoiusly has a time limit, so if you’re a hunter you better get to looking as it’s unlikely you’re going to find every prop hider on your own but don’t worry, as there as you eliminate the props, they turn into the hunters.

So maybe it’s more like a game of control tag?

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