Fortnite’s Ultimate Murder Mystery is getting a lot of hype but what is it?

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Fortnite has a game mode they want you to try called Ultimate Murder Mystery.

Fortnite is a game with many options to play within it. While the mechanics are all mostly the same, the gaming juggernaut has allowed players to create their own game modes and some of which have become quite popular.

There was the Mystery in Croft Manner, where you and several other players explored a decently built version of Lara Croft’s massive manner, and found different puzzles and items along the way. Then you have of course the Imposters mode that nearly prevented Fortnite and Among Us from working together.

The Imposters mode sees two players try and eliminate the rest of the group and avoid being detected along the way.

So what is the Ultimate Murder Mystery?

What is the Ultimate Murder Mystery mode in Fortnite?

As described by BrenannD, it’s a game where you play one of three roles. The Hunter, the Sheriff, or the Innocent. The goal is different for each player as they play their assigned role. For the Hunter, your goal is to eliminate as many players as possible without being caught.

To help do this, the Hunter is given some nifty weapons that will allow him to take down as many potential Innocents as possible.

The Sheriff’s goal is to try and capture the Hunter by any means necessary. One of the ways you can do this is by blending in with your surroundings and catching who the murderer is in the act.

The last class is the Innocents. They have one job and that’s to stay alive. As with the other two roles, this one has a skillset designed for that with unique items like smoke bombs to help get you away from the hunter.

There are apparently different ways to play each character, meaning that you can try different items and different methods to survive and win.

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