What are all the map changes for Fortnite’s v21.10 update

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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 has updated its map with v.21.10.

Fortnite has continually updated the map and this season, they’re going even a step further with the Reality Tree. The Reality Tree is a major mystery in the game, and its roots are stretching across the entire map and it’s changing a lot of the map to fit a brand new gimmick; constant change.

First to suffer the constant changes is the new Logjam Lotus, formerly the Logjam Lumberyard. The new Logjam Lotus is a constantly changing POI on the map, with four different themes that you can see in each game;  Wild West Town, Pirate Town, Roman Colosseum, and Atlantis.

That’s not all, as the Chop Shop is now on the map just north-eastish of the new Logjam Lotus, and this is where the Ripsaw is now at.

Also across the map are new landing spots for Darth Vader. The spots include several chests that have blaster rifles, Chug Splashes, rift-to-go’s, and more. Oh and Darth Vader may be there too, so you know, don’t die.

Lastly is Butter Bloom, the former Butter Barn Landmark out in the desert. It’s going to be getting the Logjam Lotus treatment next week, so it too will change as well. It isn’t the last POI that will get the Reality Tree treatment either.

What’s the coolest new aspect of the island?

While it may seem like Logjam Lotus would be the obvious choice with its constant updates and changes each match, I’m not a big fan. I like being able to rely on landing points to have what I expect them to have.

With the Logjam Lotus POI, I no longer know what they’ll have or where it’ll be, so dropping in there would be a bit hard.

I’m going with the Darth Vader landing zones which are littered all over the map. They contain blaster rifles, health items, and transport items like rift-to-go’s and such. Not a bad place to land if you’re looking for some quick fixing.

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