The best way to defeat boss Darth Vader in Fortnite

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Have you fought Darth Vader in Fortnite yet and need help?

Have you tussled with Darth Vader yet in Fortnite and haven’t found a way to defeat him? Well, turns out he’s harder to fight than previously thought. Hey, we can all be wrong at some point right?

So, you’re clearly here because you either need help, or you want to see if the advice is anywhere close to how you defeated the Sith Lord. Sure, there’s more than one way but there are a few things to keep in mind when fighting him.

First, he will drop in at different locations on the map and that’s important, as different locations will give you different opportunities. For instance, if he lands on the mountains just north of the lumberyard, you can start the encounter by using the bolder to attack him and his Stormtroopers.

Secondly, you’re really going to want some help here. If he’s in a storm circle, go get an NPC and see if you can’t take him down together. If that doesn’t work, hope you land with a few extra players.

Thirdly, blasters? Ha.

How do you beat Darth Vader?

There’s an overriding issue with Vader and that’s his ability to deflect all shots while holding his light saber. Now, the light saber throw doesn’t do outrageous damage, so if you’re in the traditional model, you can keep building to slow him down or if you’re in Zero Build, you can just let your overshield recharge as you scurry about.

When he throws his lightsaber, that’s your best bet to lay into him but he will dash at you or force choke you at this point, so keep moving. The lightsabre is a boomerang, and it will hit you in the back if you don’t keep aware of its location.

Using shockwave grenades can work but only momentarily. Your best bet is to have him distracted by other players and lay into him from behind. If you attack him head-on he’s going to be a very hard battle.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but you may not have the time needed to do it if you’re attacking him head-on. He will stalk you, but in turn, give you plenty of time to heal if you have the items. He’s only fast when he dashes but if he’s within your general area, he’ll pursue.

If the storm is closing in, the best bet is to bail and try again in another game.

But if you can get him to throw his lightsaber at you, you’ll have the opportunity to lay into him, so keep making him spam the attack and you’ll have your best bet to light him up.

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