Do gyro controls make controllers too good?

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For shooters like Fortnite, mouse and keyboard are the supreme input method. At least, that’s what you’d think before Epic Games added gyro controls to the game. They’re supposed to even the playing field between controller and keyboard, but did they go too far?

Do gyro controls make controllers too good?

Both input methods have their pros and cons. Mouse and Keyboard is more difficult to use, but offers quick access to anything you need in Fortnite. The only limit is your own skill, but I’ve known many players to prefer using a controller.

Hitherto, controller inputs sacrificed that precision for comfort and accessibility. It’s way more difficult to aim precisely with a control stick, so the game helps out with some aim-assist.

Sometimes that aim-assist gets in the way, but in general it’s a powerful advantage to be able to track enemies. Gyro controls add back that fine movement you’d get with a mouse, and the two together can lead to a devastating combo.

Looking at the new gyro controls, we can see that it bridges the technical gap between controller and mouse/keyboard. Editing in particular feels way better. You can manage high recoil weapons with about the same precision on both now.

I would argue that gyro controls by themselves more than makes the controller a match for the mouse and keyboard, and that aim-assist is too much.

PC and console aside, the new gyro controls introduce a new arms race for controller players. Those who use gyro will already have an advantage against controller players who don’t, and now that input disparity issue rears its ugly head again.

If gyro controls are enabled, it should disable aim-assist to remain fair for all players. Gyro controls as it currently exists with aim-assist creates more problems than it solves.

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There needs to be more fine tuning, and perhaps gyro controls should have had a limited roll out instead of going live in this state. I would be surprised if Epic Games doesn’t adjust this soon.