Machine Pistol vs SMG: Key differences explained

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The new Machine Pistol in Chapter 3 Season 1 doesn’t actually compete with the Pistol. It competes with the SMG, and the similarities between the two are easy to spot. There’s a few key differences between the two, however, that will make or break them depending on the situations you find yourself in.

Machine Pistol vs SMG


Both the Machine Pistol and Stinger SMG are made for close range encounters. They both offer high magazine capacities and high rate of fire. Neither have First Shot Accuracy and both have a 1.5x headshot modifier.


The Machine Pistol is harder to use at longer ranges, as it has a large spread and recoil. The SMG is more manageable at medium range, and the Stinger variant is especially versatile. It’s easier to approach with a Stinger than a Machine Pistol.


The Machine Pistol’s large recoil reduces its effective range, but it actually makes the weapon easier to use at extremely close range. You don’t need to be as accurate this close, and more of your shots will hit their mark. The spread gets worse with continuous firing, unlike the Stinger which has a more consistent firing pattern.

That consistency is what allows the Stinger to be effective at medium ranges, and firing it in bursts can improve accuracy. The extra damage per-shot can make the Stinger more comfortable to use compared to the Machine Pistol.


The Machine Pistol deals slightly less damage per-shot, but fires significantly faster. It beats the Stinger’s DPS by 10-15 points across all rarities. Notably, even the common Machine Pistol deals 202.5 damage per second. It’s easier to score decisive eliminations, and will likely out race most other weapons.

The Stinger is better at damaging structures compared to the Machine Pistol, as it has lower damage drop off at range.

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The Verdict

Both are indeed powerful weapons, but the Machine Pistol has the SMG beat in close range situations. The Stinger trades damage for versatility, and is easier to use while mobile. If you slide often, the SMG is easier to manage and less punishing to miss with. Consider what your load-out needs to cover when picking between the two.