Fornite just rolled out the machine pistol to counter the Stinger SMG

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Fortnite has added yet another new weapon to the arsenal for Chapter 3.

There’s never a dull moment in Fornite, as the game constantly gives fans something new to sink their teeth into. Chapter 3 has been full of those moments, from the return of Tilted Towers to the Gunnar boss battle you can engage in. Now, there’s another new addition to the game. The Machine Pistol.

The machine pistol is a sub-machine gun brought into the game for Chapter 3’s first season. It’s got an incredible fire rate and can mow down an enemy in less than one clip. Like with other rapid-fire guns in the game, many are proclaiming it to be “overpowered”, but there’s a reason for that I believe.

This is the gun that’s supposed to balance out the Stinger SMG. The Stinger, much like the machine pistol, has had accusations of it being overpowered. Fans argue that guns like them end up making the rest of the weaponry inert and ineffective.

Fortnite fans need to adapt to the new weapons

The machine pistol follows the return of the heavy shotgun to the game. Both weapons have been seen as being too powerful for one reason or another, and are apparently now being seen as counters to each other.

That’s a good thing. Yet, there are still complaints.

The fact that the game has so many weapons that “spray” when fired has irked many people, but in reality, all they’re doing is changing the difficulty of the game. Forcing players to step up and improve their skill level.

If more players are going with high-powered weapons like this, the counter isn’t to complain bout it, but to change how you play. Instead of getting mad, figure out a way to adapt and manipulate your opponents without having to engage in shootouts. There’s more than one way to eliminate players and fans should start to look into alternative gameplay ideas to counter the spray and pray method players are adopting.

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