The Foundation Quests: 5 Tips for taking down Gunnar

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Gunnar is a new NPC boss enemy that you’ll need to take down if you want to finish all of The Foundation’s Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. He can be a tough fight, especially if you’re not prepared. Here’s what you need to take down Gunnar.

5 Tips for taking down Gunnar: Fortnite The Foundation Quests

1- Covert operation

Gunnar can be found at Covert Canyon, inside the mountain base. You’re looking for a white haired NPC with a chiseled jaw. He can be hard to spot among the IO Guards crawling around. Gunnar will patrol the area, and he can even use ziplines and attack you from them.

2- Friendly(?) fire

The Quest is actually to assist in eliminating Gunnar. You don’t need to deal the last shot, but you do need to participate in the fire fight. Other players may be cooperating with you in the short term, but you’ll still be near hostiles especially after Gunnar falls. Keep your wits about you so you can escape before your temporary allies turn on you.

3- To the wall

Gunnar has a powerful punching attack that can knock you back, but there’s a way to turn it into a great weakness. If you can get Gunnar near a standing wall, you can use it as a barrier between you and his punch. After Gunnar collides with the wall, he’ll enter a short cool-down. That’s your chance to unload your weapons.

4- Close encounter

SMGs are your best friends when you’ve got Gunnar stunned after his punch. Since he has a large health pool, Shotguns can be a little slow and may result in an early game end for you. Other fast firing weapons like the MK-Seven can be a good choice. Dodge his SMG shots, and go in for more hits when he reloads or recovers from his attack rush.

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5- Back to the Vault

When defeated, Gunnar drops a Vault keycard like Bosses of Seasons past. The keycard will guide you to the Vault, but if you’re having trouble locating it it’s in the center of the main building. The entrance to the Vault hallway is between two staircases leading down into the facility.