Heavy Shotgun bugged from Day 1, released anyway

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The Heavy Shotgun is back in v19.20, with some significant reworks and unfortunately what seems to be a day one bug in classic Epic Games fashion. Is the Heavy Shotgun still worth seeking out, bugs and all?

Heavy Shotgun bugged from Day 1, released anyway

The new version of the Heavy is single slug, but it makes up for it with significantly longer reach and accuracy. It’s also a little stronger at Epic and Legendary rarity and has a faster fire rate compared to the original.

It’s strange that this “reworked” Heavy Shotgun was released with that name, as it is mechanically different. It feels like how the Tactical Shotgun was reworked into the Auto Shotgun, for example.

Having the “new” weapon take on the name of an old one capitalizes on the nostalgia that the return of Tilted Towers brought, but players who remember the Heavy Shotgun of old may be disappointed that it’s not quite the same. It was a classic from Chapter 1, and we didn’t see it at all in Chapter 2.

What set the original Heavy Shotgun apart from the others was its ability to pierce through multiple targets, something the current version can’t. This is actually a bug, and not a feature.

Weirdly enough the most unique ability the Heavy Shotgun had isn’t ready due to this bug, but Epic has decided to release it in an nerfed state anyway. The piercing capability will come in a future update.

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Even without the extra piercing factor, the Heavy is still worth your time to use. It’s closer now to the Combat Shotgun, with a higher headshot multiplier and roughly the same range. It shouldn’t replace your close range weapons, but should be used to close distances with its accuracy and high damage potential.

It’s a great weapon, but right now I don’t think it deserves the Heavy Shotgun name.