Tilted thaws out of retirement: A brief history of the beloved Tilted Towers

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There is no other POI in the history of Fortnite as beloved as Tilted Towers. Now, after almost four years since its introduction, Tilted Towers is finally back in Chapter 3.

Tilted thaws out of retirement: A brief history of the beloved Tilted Towers

First introduced all the way back in Chapter 1 Season 2, Tilted Towers was a favored drop spot throughout the early days of Fortnite. It’s widely regarded as the best location from the original Island, and that reputation drove flocks of players to Tilted right from the Battle Bus.

As a shooter map, it has everything: high vantages, low cover, open areas and lots of loot. This leads to an experience that may be the apotheosis of Fortnite. Every weapon has a home here, and encounters are determined by your skill. It may be called Tilted Towers, but this was one of the most balanced arenas that defined a generation of Fortnite.

The area’s always persisted in some ways throughout Fortnite’s history, though it’s gone through a few name changes and iterations. Throughout Chapter 1, various buildings and properties were built or destroyed until the entire Tilted Towers was ultimately destroyed by The Volcano.

It was then rebuilt into Neo Tilted in Season 9, and then into the wild west themed Tilted Town. Before the original Island was sucked into the Zero Point during The End, it turned into Gotham City for Season X’s Batman collab. It did not survive The End, and this would be the last time we would see Tilted Towers in its original layout until Chapter 3.

Later in Chapter 2 Season 5 we got Salty Towers, a mashup of Tilted Towers and Salty Springs that was half buried in the desert. This later evolved into Boney Burbs in C2S6, taking on that Season’s Primal theme before the entire Island flipped upside down. This brings us to the present, Chapter 3 Season 1.

Buried underneath Frosty Fields, Tilted Towers awaited its time in the sun. And that time is now.

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Tilted Towers in C3S1 is shaping up to be the craziest version yet. Epic Games loaded Tilted up with 20 more Chests and redesigned the looks of some buildings while maintaining the same layout and zoning.

If you thought The Daily Bugle was an insane place to drop, Tilted has it beat.