Forever Fortnite Chapter 3 Weapon Tier List: December 2021

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A new Season means new weapons, but a new Chapter? This time, it looks like we have the biggest change in the weapon pool in quite some time. How doe these new weapons stack up? Which ones should you prioritize, and which ones should you leave on the ground? Find out in our Fortnite Chapter 3 weapon tier list for Season 1.

The names of the weapons will be the first thing that strikes you as different this Chapter. What the heck is a Stinger SMG? What is the Bolt-Action Sniper now called the Hunter?

Forever Fortnite Chapter 3 Weapon Tier List: December 2021

The names aren’t just cosmetic: these weapons are variants with slightly different stats from their traditional versions. In some cases, they outperform the old ones at the same rarity. The conventional Battle Royale logic still applies for the most part when it comes to range. What we’re looking for is versatility.


  • MK-Seven Assault Rifle
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

The MK-Seven Assault Rifle is a great new weapon. It technically has less versatility than the classic Assault Rifle, but it’s got it where it counts. It’s amazing at the ranges the normal AR is best in, and you can still use it to pick a few potshots with the new laser scope. There’s a fair bit more recoil on this one, but not as erratic as the Combat AR. Does anyone else feel like they’re playing Call of Duty with this thing on?

It’s no surprise that the Sniper is at the top of the list, again. Range is king in Battle Royale, and if you can take your enemies out further away you’ll be set. It’s actually weaker than the original Bolt-Action Sniper, as only the Epic and Legendary Hunter can get that decisive elimination on a headshot against a fully shielded enemy.


  • Stinger SMG

When it comes to close range, Shotguns are usually king. In Chapter 3, the Stinger SMG is the classic spray’n’pray you’re used to. The Shotgun options are rather clunky, and the Sidearm Pistol needs a little finesse to work right. This means that the SMG is your safe bet at extremely close range. SMGs are the rare kind of weapon you’d want more than one of, so grab two to stay covered.


  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • Auto Shotgun

With the Assault Rifle effectively being split into the MK-Seven and the Ranger, one of them is sure to be better. Unfortunately, the Ranger plays second chair to the MK-Seven, as the damage reduction for longer range makes it a hard pick when the MK-Seven and Hunter are easily available.

The Auto Shotgun is extremely similar to the Tactical Shotgun, but it does a little more damage.


  • Sidearm Pistol

I’ve always believed Pistols to be extremely underrated. Chapter 3 gives a buff to one of my favorite weapons, turning it into a devastating close range weapon in steady hands. It does a little more damage than the classic Pistol, just by one or two points depending on the Rarity but holds one less shot.

That doesn’t sound impressive, but at close range when you’re slamming the trigger like a maniac you’ll do about 10-20 more damage per second. It’s also handy when using it to take potshots.

The pistol actually out-damages most weapons (even the SMG) if you fire quickly and land all the shots. In practiced hands, the Sidearm Pistol definitely feels like a more even match in close range.


  • Striker Pump Shotgun

This one’s a riff on the classic Pump Shotgun, but doing 10 damage less per-shot means this is a pretty mediocre pick. It doesn’t get decisive eliminations like the old Pump at the same rarities. I’d leave Rare ones, but an Epic or Legendary Striker Pump is what you’d want to carry.

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