5 Combat Shogun Fortnite tips for Chapter 2 Season 8

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The Combat Shotgun is back from the vault in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, and with so many close range options this season it’s hard to choose with Shotgun to take with you. Here’s five of our best Combat Shotgun Fortnite tips to help you make the most of this unique weapon.

5 Combat Shogun Fortnite tips for Chapter 2 Season 8

1- Half the Battle

What separates the Combat Shotgun from the Pump or Lever Action varieties currently in the weapon pool? The Combat Shotgun has a tighter bullet spread than the others, and has a faster firing rate at the cost of less damage per shot. This makes it better at medium range than other shotguns, doing much the same job that an SMG or Heavy Assault Rifle would do.

2- Rock, Paper, Scissors

Because of the Combat Shotgun’s longer reach, it’s actually harder to land shots at close range. This makes it more of a gamble when rushing an enemy, as anyone with a different shotgun type will have an easier time hitting you before you hit them. You’ll want to keep your distance when engaging an enemy in this case.

3- Large and in Charge

The Combat Shotgun represents the longest range a Shotgun can have, but you can craft it into a Charge Shotgun using Nuts’n’Bolts if you have a better weapon for medium-range encounters.

4- Very rare

There are no common or uncommon versions of the Combat Shotgun, so finding one early on is a great find and should give you an advantage over other players who land near you in the early game.

5- Don’t need to go for the head

Headshots can be valuable when picking enemies off at longer range, but you don’t need to worry too much about that when using the Combat Shotgun at close range. It deals only about 90 damage across the rarities on a headshot, and you’re better off landing more body shots and taking advantage of the high fire rate.

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