Fortnite: How to take damage from an enemy player and survive

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Some of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8’s Punchcard Quests are straightforward, and others like this Ragsy one, aren’t. Here’s how to take damage from an enemy player and survive.

Fortnite: How to take damage from an enemy and survive

Taking damage from an enemy is easy: just get into a fight with an enemy, take a few hits and it’s done. But what does it mean to survive? You’ll need to take damage and then not get eliminated. The game knows this when you’ve taken damage from an enemy and have not died for a few seconds afterward.

There’s a few easy ways to get the Quest done. When taking fire, simply run away or build a fort and wait it out. The other way is to approach an enemy (easier against a bot), let them hit you and then take them out immediately.

The best way to get this right is the land with other players in a popular spot like Misty Meadows. Grab a weapon from floor loot right when you land to give yourself the best chance of surviving a fight with an enemy player. I rushed an enemy before they could grab a weapon and took pickaxe damage before taking them down to complete Quests like this.

Keep in mind that this Quest only counts if you take damage from enemy player. This means that NPCs like wildlife, Cube Monsters or IO Guards won’t count when you take damage from them.

These Quests always rub me the wrong way. Why would I want to take damage from an enemy? I don’t like Quests that rely on something your enemies do, which is why I hated the Free Guy Quests from last season.

Also. Hilarious unlimited XP exploit patched. light

Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in that require you to get hit, you now know the best ways to take damage from an enemy and survive in Fortnite.