Epic Games continues Quest to buff Fortnite XP in Chapter 2 Season 8

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Leveling up in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 might be easier than it’s ever been. Epic Games got in some hot water over the new XP system introduced this season in Fortnite. It’s a combination of the normal Quest system we’ve had and the Punchcard system from previous seasons, but players noticed that there wasn’t enough XP to go around. Epic Games has doubled down on their fix this week.

Epic Games continues Quest to buff XP in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

When Chapter 2 Season 8 launched, Quests were given by NPCs. Progress on those Quest lines would mark their corresponding Punchcards and reward XP. The Quests themselves didn’t actually reward XP, rather, the rewarded gold bars.

With only a finite amount of Punchcards in the first few weeks of the game, players were beginning to hit a wall for progress. With some changes to other game modes that were classic XP grinds, you couldn’t make progress at your pace.

The Season is young, but players didn’t like how they had to wait for more XP. It also made long sessions of Fortnite feel unrewarding, so Epic Games changed the Quests to award XP as well as bars.

The XP yield wasn’t great. Each quest would only earn you a little more than 500 XP. Now, Epic Games have bumped up the XP these Quests. Now, common Quests earn 2,500 XP. Uncommon Quests earn you 2,650 XP, Rare Quests grant 2,75 XP, Epic Quests give 2,900 XP and Legendary Quests offer 3,750 XP.

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As before, these Quests are repeatable. If you find a Quest line that’s easy to complete quickly, like Chimpanski’s, you can now earn a respectable chunk of XP quickly. If this fix sticks, it could be a valuable way to finish off the Battle Pass in the last days of the Season for players who haven’t kept up.