Fortnite: 5 Sideways Scythe Tips and Tricks

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Melee is back on the menu with the Sideways Scythe. To celebrate Fortnitemares, we’ve got a new melee weapon to chop our enemies with. Here’s four tips on how to get the Sideways Scythe and how to use it.

Fortnite: 5 Sideways Scythe Tips and Tricks

1- Sideways to find

The Sideways Scythe is a melee weapon you can get by defeating Cube Monsters in the Sideways. They come in a variety of rarities, and you can upgrade them using Cube Monster parts. To find Sideways encounters, look for the orange burst-shaped anomaly marks on the map. They change every game.

Land near the anomaly and gear up before taking on the encounter, as you’ll need tons of ammo to take on the Cube Monsters.

2- Hack and Slash

The Sideways Scythe has three moves: a slash, a dash and a jump attack. These require you to get close to the enemy, so jump around and make yourself harder to hit with guns.

3- To the wall

The Sideways Scythe has a large sweeping attack range, so it’s good at hacking through structures and potentially damaging the poor enemy who’s hiding inside. It must be terrifying to see a scythe rip through your fort.

4- Fall season

Take care when using the jump attack of the Sideways Scythe. You’ll jump forward and bring your weapon down, but it’s hard to control where you land since you go a fixed distance forward. Notably, you don’t get the “low gravity” effect like you see on launch pads, so you will take fall damage if you jump off a large distance. Since you jump up, you actually fall more and take more damage.

5- Ramp

You can end the dash attack early by pressing swinging the scythe. Combine this with the jump attack to get some more distance and close in on your enemies. The more you surprise them, the better you’ll do with this melee weapon.

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