Fortnite: Tricks and Treats skins are lazy Halloween perfection

Epic Games, Fortnitemares
Epic Games, Fortnitemares /

Last minute Halloween costumes are about as ubiquitous as despising candy corn (unpopular opinion: I love candy corn). You either need to cobble together a costume at the eleventh hour before a party, or you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you’ll wear once. We’ve all been there, and Epic Games have tapped into that lazy collective unconscious to produce one of my favorite skins this Halloween: the Fortnite Tricks and Treats set.

Fortnite: Tricks and Treats skins are lazy Halloween perfection

I’m a sucker for anything customizable in Fortnite, and this set has customization in spades. There are two skins in the set: All-Hallow’s Steve and Tricksy. The only real difference is in the body type used and the candy sack backbling. All-Hallow’s Steve uses the male body type and Tricky the female.

They’re rocking a hoodie and sweats with a pattern possible hastily spray painted on, if we’re keeping with the lazy Halloween costume idea. Customizable skins typically offer a choice of colors and patterns for your discerning eye, so there are nine color choices for the base and the pattern each. There’s another five colors for the accents.

The included backbling follows suit, with the same amount of customization. The Perfect Prop Pickaxe is sold separately and is shared between the two skins. It also has the same customization scheme as the rest of the set.

The best part about this set is the choice of face masks. You can put on the likenesses of Fortnite fan favorites Meowscles, Fishstick, Durr Burger, Cuddle Team Leader, Drift, Wild Card, Red Diamond and Peely.

The masks have a harsh, plastic texture that you’d expect from a cheap Halloween mask. The way they catch the light delights me and gives me an almost ironic enjoyment of the whole look. According to Epic Games, there are over 10,000 possible options with this set.

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The bundle of everything will set you back 2,000 V-Bucks. The skins themselves cost 1,200 V-Bucks each and include their backblings. Perfect Prop Pickaxe costs 500 V-Bucks. Getting the bundle saves you 900 V-Bucks, but I don’t think it’s necessary to get both All-Hallow’s Steve and Tricky since they’re so similar.