Fortnite: Grill Sergeant is a Tomatohead Spy

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Forget the Zero Point, we want to know about the biggest fast food business rivalry since Mr. Krabs and Plankton.

One of the game’s longest running “storylines” is the business rivalry between the Beef Boss and Tomatohead. After a few seasons of some calm, there are new developments in the saga of  the warring fast food joints.

Last season, we had some daily quests given by either of the restauranteurs that had us sabotage restaurants. This season, Grill Sergeant can be found among the new wave of NPCs.

Fortnite: Grill Sergeant is a Tomatohead Spy

What’s so special about the Grill Sergeant? He offers an unusual quest when spoken to: destroy structures at Durr Burger. Doesn’t the Grill Sergeant work at the Durr Burger?

This presents all sorts of wacky lore implications. The Grill Sergeant goes on to say that Durr Burger is not following regulations. Players have been quick to notice, and have postulated several theories as to why the Grill Sergeant would turn on his restaurant.

"Grill Sergeant is a Spy in the Food War from r/FortNiteBR"

When we see him, he hastily makes an excuse that he’s on his regulated lunch break. His nervousness could mean two things. He could simply hate his job and fears his boss, or he’s hiding something.

I’ve seen theories that Grill Sergeant is either a Tomatohead spy or an undercover health department official. There’s evidence of Grill Sergeant’s defection, such as in the Tomato Temple loading screen from the Chapter 1 Season 6 Battle Pass where Grill Sergeant can be see being indoctrinated into Tomatohead’s cult.

If you catch the Grill Sergeant at the right time, you can also see him do the Praise the Tomato emote. A pretty smoking gun, if you ask me.

Crossover events and world-shattering events are great and all, but I miss some of the goofy original lore that drew me into the game. I’m glad that Epic Games keeps giving us great easter eggs like this.

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