How to get Gold Bars Quickly and Easily in Fortnite

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Have your eye on that Exotic weapon or upgrade, but don’t have the bars? Here’s an easy way to quickly and easily earn Gold Bars while steeling yourself for the rest of the game.

How to get Gold Bars Quickly and Easily in Fortnite

There’s a few ways to earn Gold Bars, from completing bounties and missions from NPCs to looting them off enemies you eliminate. At the start of the season, everyone’s Bars from Season 5 reset, so you can’t freely spend them as you could before.

The trick here is to head to Slurpy Swamp and find Slurp Jonesy. You can find him on the second floor walkways in the main factory room. He offers two quick quests: one has you break Slurp Barrels and the other has you reach 100 Health and Shields. Luckily, Slurp Barrels give you health and shields when broken. The Slurp Barrel quest awards 120 Bars and the other gives you 200.

Slurp Jonesy will sell you small Shield Potions and the Chug Cannon, but there are plenty of Slurp Barrels around the area.

There are tons of Slurp Barrels all around, but you need only break two to get the quest. Head down the stairs to find even more barrels, which you can break to top yourself off. The quest will complete automatically.

You’ll want to be careful if you’re starting the match here, since Slurpy Swamp is always a hot drop site because of its easy access to health and shields that can give a huge advantage in the early game.

If you make this your drop site of choice every match, you’ll be able to rack up Gold Bars quickly and efficiently. You can also just grind this by quitting and re-queueing or by jumping off a large structure having a bit of a tumble.

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