Revolver and other classics may be coming to Chapter 3 Season 1

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is shaping up to be one of the game’s strongest yet. With its brand new Island, weather mechanics and all new weapons, what else can Epic Games do to one up themselves? Bringing back classic locales like Tilted Towers and weapons like the Revolver.

Revolver and other classics may be coming to Chapter 3 Season 1

First leaked by FireMonkey, data pertaining to the Grenade Launcher and Revolver were found in the v19.10. The Grenade Launcher is already in the game, with some minor tweaks to the classic weapon. It stands to reason that the Revolver isn’t far behind, and perhaps may come later this update.

There could be a few reasons why we didn’t get it immediately. Epic Games may be trying to dole out smaller content updates more frequently, especially considering the new Island’s evolving climate conditions that saw the unthawing of Tilted Towers.

Data for other classic weapons like the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle and Light Machine Gun have also been found. We don’t know if these will have the same stats as their original versions, given that the rest of the item pool has been adjusted slightly.

The current weapon pool is balanced for close to mid-range encounters, with longer range weapons like the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper and the Ranger Assault Rifle having some struggles in viability. Epic Games have addressed some of these issues by nerfing the powerful mid-range weapons.

The Revolver comes in at the extremes. It deals heavy damage in close range and is pretty accurate farther away, at the cost of clunky reloading. It’s not known if the Revolver is expected to replace the Pistol or be available alongside it. Given that uncommon data is available, I’d bet on the latter.

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The Sidearm Pistol is actually quite powerful this Season, and is the strongest the Pistol has been in some time. The Revolver isn’t a great substitute as they do different things well, so I hope we get to play with both later this Season.