The Great Gun Debate: Should Fortnite keep the pistol?

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Should Fortnite keep the pistol as an option for players to use?

The folks at Fortnite posted a survey a few weeks ago asking players questions about how frequently they used and had seen other players use the pistol. With the game constantly updating itself and looking to improve things, there should be no doubt that the developers are contemplating the future of the weapon in the game.

It’s not that hard to wonder if the developers are reevaluating the gun for inclusion, or perhaps fielding opinions for how best to make it more appealing to use. Either way, it appears as though some changes to the pistol could be coming to Season 3 if players aren’t satisfied with it.

So that’s left me wondering if the game should continue to include the pistol, seeing as how so many people stick with machine guns more often than not.

Should Fornite keep the pistol?

The combat pistol is not one of the more popular guns but I’ve found myself enjoying it immensely. You’re not going to win a firefight with it, as it has limited ammunition and is far from the fastest gun in the game. Yet it offers surprising ease in scope maneuverability and it is the best weapon for the game if you’re a fan of other new mechanics.

Namely sliding.

No gun works better with the sliding maneuver that I’ve found. Machine guns aren’t as easy to control when sliding and shotguns can often be far too slow, so if you miss just a hair you’re done for. Yet the pistol is a bit easier to control, and while not automatic, it has no noticeable delay when firing, as say the pump-shotgun offers.

So if you’re like me and enjoy sliding out of doorways or running right at an opponent only to hit a slide maneuver right into them, then try the pistol out. You may just find that it works rather well if you’re doing a mad slide towards an enemy unexpectedly.

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