Extreme weather will make Fortnite far more entertaining

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The new extreme weather is making Fortnite far more entertaining.

Fortnite has added new weather mechanics in the game that have made it far more exciting than ever before. Announced on Tuesday, Fortnite is adding lightning storms and tornadoes to the game to help shake things up. Its addition is an unpredictable component that makes the game far more enjoyable.

One of the “issues”, if you will, with Fortnite can be the downtime between segments. Let’s say you drop in one of the more populated landing spots, you’re going to have four, five, maybe even 10 other players to deal with. You can rack up a few eliminations and scrounge up all the supplies you’ll need for the rest of the game if you get lucky.

Then, more than likely, the storm cloud shrinks and you’re off to the next destination on the map. Usually, that trip could be really isolated. You could go full minutes without doing anything of note besides traveling. Sure, the occasional boar or wolf pack will pop up to help keep things spicy but it’s not always that exciting.

Put in new weather elements? Even if it’s not near you, just seeing them on the horizon will ramp up the excitement levels.

The elements are wild in this new addition to Fornite

I’ve encountered both already while playing on my Switch. The first encounter with the lighting storm took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. While scoping from a hill, tracking a target, I saw lighting explode around him. It didn’t take long before he was eliminated from the round. It was spectacular to see, but infuriating because it took away a target to add to my elimination count.

The tornado popped up a few games later, destroying the gas station I was at and whisking me up in the winds. Now, there was a glitching issue that occurred just prior to its arrival, so I can’t say for certain if it was a tent glitching through a truck that caused my game to drop or if it was the tornado but when the tornado hit my entire game started to lag and glitch.

Either way, it was pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to dealing with both elements again. I hope that Fortnite increases the elements, as they’re a lot of fun to deal with.

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