Fornite introduces new gyro controls and a flick stick

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Fans of Fortnite will be interested to know that a new controller layout is coming.

Usually, game updates aren’t that extensive. New skins here, new weapons here, loot changes over there. It isn’t so extensive. Not with this new announcement that Fortnite has in fact introduced new gyro controls and a flick stick functionality.

The controllers are going to be an adjustment, that’s for sure and may add or detract from the enjoyment of the game. That’s going to be something that we explore as the weeks move on.

So what do each thing do? Good question.

Gyro Controls

So what are the Gyro Controls? Basically, it allows you to use your controllers to make minor adjustments by moving the controller itself. It’s supposed to increase pinpoint accuracy, and not be as reliant on the camera stick as usual.

Flick Stick

The flick stick is designed to allow for a quick turnaround when in combat. The flick stick uses the camera stick, however, so it’s recommended that you use Gyro Controls for the best use. The video below explains more.

The game change will surely divide fans in more than one way

The changes are going to divide fans, obviously. It’s new, it’s scary and it may not be for everyone. This is entirely speculative on my part, but I think the changes were made for more pro and hardcore gamers who look to enter tournaments and such. It does in fact increase the combat ability of the player.

That said, they are radically new controls and fans may not want to engage in them. So while it may divide the fan base’s opinion of the controllers, it may also divide the fanbase in regards to how the game is played.

If more players start using the changes and become more effective, Fortnite may have to swap all the controls over to the new system or run the risk of a competitive imbalance. Likewise, if fans don’t take to the new controls, they may be done away with entirely.

I’ve yet to use the new controls, but if you have, let us know.

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