Fortnite 101: What are all the rarity classifications in Fortnite?

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What are the rarity classifications?

If you’re new to Fortnite, you may not quite understand what the rarify classifications are or what they do. Each gun and item has some sort of classification. You may have noticed this due to the guns and items you get having different colors. You may even notice this in your load-out screen, where you can see your harvesting tool. Even that has a specific color.

Yet, what do they mean, if anything?

Well, the colors (grey, green, blue, purpose, and orange) are regularly found throughout the game, and they aren’t just some random color scheme. They each mean something. With each progression of color from grey to orange, the stats for each weapon go up. Now, in Chapter 3, there are other weapons that are “exotic” and those are seen as a light-blue and cyan combo. Those can only be bought from specific NPC’s.

Then of course you have the “gold” items, which are called “mythic”. In Chapter 3, there really aren’t a lot of items that are gold, except the Spider-Man web-shooters and the MK-7 assault rifle you get from defeating The Foundation.

So for new players, here’s a list rated best to worst.

  1. Exotic – Light Blue (Edge) Cyan (Center)
  2. Mythic – Gold
  3. Legendary – Orange
  4. Epic – Purple
  5. Rare – Blue
  6. Uncommon – Green
  7. Common – Grey

There are other classifications no longer in use

The classifications aren’t just used to describe weapon strength but are also used to help differentiate between the series. Fortnite has a long-running history of partnering up with bigger brands, and some of them have gotten their own color scheme as well, like those below.

  • Transcendent – Light Red
  • Marvel Series – Dark Red
  • Dark Series – Magenta
  • DC Series – Grey-Blue
  • Icon Series – Cyan
  • Frozen Series – Light Blue
  • Lava Series – Dark Orange
  • Star Wars Series – Dark Blue and Yellow
  • Shadow Series – Black
  • Slurp Series – Dark Cyan
  • Gaming Legends Series – Indigo

So keep an eye out for new series items as well. I hope this helps clear some things up.

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