Fortnite: Don’t buy the Naruto Kurama glider, how to get for free

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The Naruto collab in Fortnite has been a homerun. The skins look fantastic, their bonus styles are sure to delight long-time fans and the accessories are creative. The main glider for the Naruto set is Kurama, the nine-tailed fox that’s central to the story. He costs 1,200 V-Bucks in the Item Shop, but you shouldn’t buy it. You should get it for free with Epic Games’s Nindo rewards.

Fortnite: Don’t buy the Naruto Kurama glider

Nindo, “the way of the ninja” in Japanese, translates to Fortnite as a set of challenges for you to complete in order to earn rewards. How does it work? Sign up here with your Epic Games account, and you’ll be given a new challenge every day. Score at least one point in the challenge to earn that day’s associated emoticon.

The challenges will change each day, and you’ll have a chance to earn any emoticon rewards you miss on the fifth day. The challenges run from November 17 until November 21.

If you complete that day’s milestone challenge, you’ll also earn the Kurama glider item, loading screen included. The first day has you score a point with each elimination, with the milestone challenge set at 35 kills. It’s totally free, and you need only to complete one day’s milestone challenge in total.

From this, we can assume that the rest of the milestone challenges won’t be simple to complete. At the very least, you need not complete every day’s challenge to earn the Kurama glider.

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