3 Fortnite Combat Pistol tips and tricks

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My favorite weapons in Fortnite are the pistols. I know, I know. The pistol requires a little too much work and effort to make it work. Regular Pistols need to be used at extremely close range and have more margin of error than a Shotgun, where Revolvers and Hand Cannons are slow. Is the new Fortnite Combat Pistol finally the one to break the mold? Here are five tips and tricks to help see.

3 Fortnite Combat Pistol tips and tricks

1- Midrange

Taking a look at the stats of the Combat Pistol, you’d struggle to find a significant difference between it and the regular variety. You get a significantly tighter bullet spread, so you can make more shots at slightly longer ranges. The slight damage trade-off lets you engage enemies a little sooner.

2- Take a hike

Though it features tighter spread, it also has much higher recoil that can negate any advantage if you don’t control it. When aiming the Combat Pistol, aim further down than you’d normally would. Let the recoil of the gun work for you, and you can manage it more when aiming down sights.

3- Downgrade

Despite the Combat Pistol being touted by Epic Games as having “exceptional power”, it actually does less damage per shot and holds one less bullet. In most Pistol use cases, you probably won’t notice much of a difference. In rare instances, that couple of points of damage may turn to your downfall. Swap it out of an SMG or a Shotgun as soon as can, especially since this season has some great Shotgun options.

Hot. This is what happens when you hit level 1,000. light

Unfortunately, the Combat Pistol is a little more miss than hit. It’s a strict downgrade over the regular Pistol, and I hope to see a hot-fix to it. More damage would be nice, since the normal Pistol at a baseline is already difficult to use effectively.