Refer a Friend Fortnite Rewards: How to get a Free Skin

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Everyone loves free things. Fortnite’s not known for “free skins”, but the Refer a Friend Program contains one and some more goodies if you’re willing to give Epic Games some advertising. Here’s everything you need to know about the Refer a Friend Fortnite Rewards.

Refer a Friend Fortnite Rewards: How to get a Free Skin

What is Refer a Friend? From October 25 to November 14, you can sign up on the Refer a Friend site with your usual Epic account and invite up to five friends to participate. The catch is that these players must have under 120 minutes of game time from the last 30 days.

There’s a full complement of cosmetics to earn, all themed around the new Rainbow Racer outfit. You’ll earn each item as you complete tasks with your friends. According to Epic Games, these are the tasks you’ll need to complete. Note that a referee in this case are the players you referred (you are the referrer).

  • Loading Screen- Add a Fortnite Friend
  • Wrap- Play one game in Fortnite with a referee
  • Glider- Place top 10 three times with your referee
  • Pickaxe- Eliminate 10 opponents with your referee
  • Rainbow Racer- You and your referee must gain 60 account levels from where you were when starting the program

Everything seems simple enough, but the difficulty ramps all the way up when you want to earn the outfit itself. Gaining 60 levels each is no small task, but it’s not as bad as it looks.

With all of the Quest and XP overhauls in Chapter 2 Season 8, gaining levels is fairly easy and repeatable if you don’t mind the grind. XP is so easy to gain that some players are on track to hit level 1,000 soon.

Both you and your referees will earn all cosmetics unlocked. Referees need not register on the site, but may do so to check on their individual progress. These challenges will be made better with more people, and it’s way more fun playing with a group anyway.

You’ll still need to play quite a bit with your friend, but if you’re committed the Rainbow Racer will surely be a trophy worth earning. You have until January 10 to complete all the tasks.

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