Can you reach Level 1,000 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8? Two players are almost there

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has been rife with XP problems. This season may go down in many player’s memories as the one where XP was broken. Key problems are slow XP gain and tedious Quests. If you don’t mind the grind like YTRAGESREVENGE or LootStationYT, you might be able to make history as among the first players to hit level 1,000 in Fortnite.

Can you reach Level 1,000 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8? Two players are almost there

How could this be possible? Well, there’s a reasonable way to farm XP this season. Every single Quest in the game now gives XP, no matter how small or how often you’ve completed it. On the surface, this is a boon to players who are always behind on their Battle Passes, allowing a simple if not tedious way to earn the final levels.

You’d be in a near endless cycle of grinding the same Quests and likely lose your wits before you’re through, but it’s possible. Or, you could have taken advantage of some XP loops like YTRAGESREVENGE or LootStationYT.

We talked about LootStationYT before. Both YTRAGESREVENGE and LootStationYT used an Impostors exploit to get a truly ridiculous amount of XP. As of writing, YTRAGESREVENGE is over level 700 and LootStationYT is over level 600.

The final reward for the Battle Pass comes at level 200, so there’s not much point in reaching level 1,000 besides making history. What happens after level 1,000 will be interesting. According to FireMonkey, the level system completely breaks when you reach 1,000, with each action that earns XP giving an entire level or do nothing at all.

This would be the first time anyone has ever reach level 1,000 in a season through legitimate means, even if those means were XP exploits easily accessible by any player.

I want someone to hit level 1,000 just to see what Epic Games will do. Are they going to code more levels just for two players? Or will they leave it as is and let YTRAGESREVENGE and LootStationYT play with a broken XP system after they reach level 1,000?

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Tons of XP isn’t much of a problem unless you’re already done with the Battle Pass. XP is now easier to earn than ever, and many players are running out of things to do in Fortnite now that every reward is unlocked.