Fortnite: Epic Games admits they goofed on Season 8 Quests, XP fix to come

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When Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 dropped, I was impressed with how they implemented the Quests with punchcards. I was frustrated with the slow Quest progression in previous seasons, and having them complete and move forward automatically was what I thought a welcome change. I may have been wrong. Luckily, an XP fix is to come.

Fortnite: Epic Games admits they goofed on Season 8 Quests

As the first week of Season 8 went on, players noticed something strange about punchcards. There’s only so much XP to be obtained, and players didn’t like being bottlenecked. It’s only the first week, but it still feels bad having to wait around.

That didn’t stop some players, like Loot Station YT, who has somehow reached Level 300. It’s not from grinding the game without sleeping, though they did play and stream quite a bit.

The answer is Impostors. Somehow, Impostors grants a ton of XP. Or rather it did, as Epic Games have reduced the amount of XP able to be earned in Impostors by half.

This has caused some outrage, with players like Loot Station YT advocating to revert the change. Creative mode also had its XP yield altered last Season. These changes, combined with the Team Rumble change that made completing Quests more difficult, have made earning XP slower but streamlined.

Streamlining isn’t necessarily bad, but with a limit on how much XP one can earn from Punchcards it feels like you can hit a wall in progression that’s not common for Fortnite.

Luckily, Epic Games have heard the criticisms and are issuing a rework of Season 8’s XP system. I don’t think the original Impostors XP will come back, but if there’s a better punchcard system then maybe we won’t need it. The change will come Sept. 29.

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