Hilarious Fortnite Unlimited XP Quest exploit patched

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An exploit to Fabio Sparklemane’s Quest that would award almost unlimited XP has been patched. This was a pretty funny way to grind XP and not a bad way to kill an hour with friends, but Epic Games have determined this to be a problem. What happened?

Fortnite Unlimited XP Quest exploit patched

Fabio Sparklemane’s first Quest has players use ziplines. It’s pretty easy, and with the recent XP yield increase it makes for a quick way to earn some XP. It’s also a shared Quest, so everyone in your party gets it and can participate in it. There’s even a zipline nearby, so the Quest could be completed very quickly.

This is where the exploit comes in. One player talks to Fabio, while the others go on the nearby zipline. The player talking to Fabio needs to take his Quest line and immediately cancel it after the uncommon Quest is complete. Then, they need to take the Quest from Fabio again.

This causes an extremely efficient loop that earns XP. Some players have already hit level 100 after abusing the exploit.

This isn’t exactly how Epic Games intended for the game to be played, but players still seem to be desperate to find fast and easy ways to gain XP now that Creative and Team Rumble have changed. Those were the havens for easy XP grinding. Impostors was also changed to not award as much XP after players were using that to gain tons of levels quickly.

This zipline exploit isn’t even the first oversight in terms of Quest logistics. Chimpanski’s Quest that has you donate to the war effort was autocompleted after players found out that they couldn’t actually donate anything after funding was complete in a location.

Players seem to be split on the new XP overhaul. On one hand, some players are completing their Battle Passes in record time and want more post-level 100 rewards. Others bemoan the repetitive nature of the Quest and Punchcard system.

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I’m more in the middle; I’m glad there are avenues to grind XP for someone like me who tends to get behind on the Battle Pass at season’s end, but I’m pretty tired of doing Grim Fable’s Quest for my dailies three days in a row.